Winter Safety Campaign

Following on from Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, we continue to reinforce the message of gas and fuel burning appliance safety and carbon monoxide poisoning prevention.

Joining forces once again with Energy Safe Victoria and the Victorian Building Authority, the ‘Cold Feet’ media campaign will be conducted over an 8 week period.

Four new videos have been released by Energy Safe Victoria and the Chase and Tyler Foundation. Vanessa Robinson, the Founder and Executive Director of the foundation discusses Chase and Tyler and preventative methods. For more of the videos click here

This year the campaign is also focusing on open-flued gas appliance safety, due to the death of Sonia Sofianopoulos in her Melbourne public housing unit in 2017.

Victorian regulators will move to ban the sale of open-flue gas heaters (33 models of open-flued gas heaters to be phased out), currently believed to be in hundreds of thousands of homes in Australia.

What do I do?

If you have one of these heaters, do not use it until it can be serviced by a qualified gasfitter. A complete service should include testing for carbon monoxide spillage, an inspection of the flue and ventilation.

CLICK HERE for more information and what to do if you have one of these heaters or any open flue heater.

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