The Silent Killer in Aussie Homes

“It was just a normal Saturday night,”. That’s how Vanessa Robinson talked about the night of May 30, 2010, in a video on the Energy Safe Victoria web site. As was normal, her two children – eight-year-old Chase and six-year-old Tyler – had been playing inside the family’s Shepparton home. Following that, the family watched a few videos and went to bed. During the night, one of the kids began to cry – then the other one. They must be…

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Geelong public housing tenants feel the winter chill as faulty heaters are reviewed

GEELONG properties are among more than 6500 Victorian public homes which have potentially dangerous gas heaters, the State Government says. Vulcan Heritage and Pyrox Heritage space heaters were removed from sale earlier this year after the Australian Gas Association raised concerns about potentially “unsafe levels of carbon monoxide” they produce. Around the state qualified tradespeople are testing the 1970s era heaters after the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) recommended public housing tenants stop using them. Norlane single mother-of-two…

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Boat deaths from CO poisoning ‘entirely avoidable’ if detector was fitted, says coroner

The deaths of two men from carbon monoxide poisoning on a boat moored in Hobart were “tragic and completely avoidable accidents”, coroner Simon Cooper says. A friend discovered the bodies of Gregory John Burling, 58, of Newnham, and Brian Owen Daley, 56, of Mowbray on his 10-metre cruiser on 11 January 2016. The vessel was moored at the Gepp Parade Marina Prince of Wales Bay. The pair had spent the previous night on board the vessel after making the journey…

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Sonia’s death from heater prompts urgent inquest

On the cold July morning that she died last year, Sonia Sofianopoulos and her partner, Haralambos Sioros, agreed on the phone that he would come over for coffee. But when he arrived later that morning she didn’t answer the door of her Greensborough unit, even though her car was there. Mr Sirios dialled her mobile phone and heard it ringing from inside the unit, but he guessed she must have gone out with her sister and left her phone and car…

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Coroner calls for mandatory gas alarms after death of young sailor off Balmoral

A coroner has recommended the introduction of mandatory carbon monoxide alarms in all boats and vehicles with sealable cabins after a “talented and experienced” sailor died after succumbing to fumes from a gas stove he had been using for warmth. Naval architect Nicholas Banfield, 23, had picked up his girlfriend at Glebe and sailed to Middle Harbour for a romantic meal moored off Balmoral Beach on July 1, 2016. After a feed of nachos and one alcoholic drink, the couple…

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Boy dies of carbon monoxide poisoning after fridge malfunction

A heartbroken family is urging people to carbon monoxide detectors in their home after 10-year-old Gavin Klebs died from carbon monoxide poisoning recently, due to a leaking fridge. Sarah Klebs and two of her three children were enjoying some time at the family’s holiday cabin in Alaska when 8-year-old Caroline complained of a headache. Soon, Gavin also had a headache, and started to vomit. Sarah’s husband Matt was away on a work assignment, and her oldest son 14-year-old Connor was…

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