Mother of baby who died from leaking fumes calls for safety checks

HE mother of a baby boy who died from carbon monoxide poisoning inside a car last Friday is calling for mandatory safety checks on second hand vehicles.

Ika Windiarti, 33, fell unconscious when the 1998 Ford station wagon she was driving filled with gas, causing the car to clip a tree and crash at low speed into a parked Mercedes-Benz opposite the Hilton RSL on Sir Donald Bradman Drive.

The couple’s daughter, 7, was also overcome by the fumes seeping into the car by worn seals that killed her eight month-old son Ibrahim.

“Every second hand car that’s sold by someone should have checks,” she told Channel Ten. “We don’t have serious problems with our car, it’s very good mostly.”

Police investigators had found `significant wear” to the exhaust and sealing on the car, causing fumes to drift into the cabin.

Police Commissioner Gary Burns said Mrs Windiarti’s proposal did have some merit. “It would have to be done under some very strict conditions,” he said.

Premier Jay Weatherill described the accident as an awful tragedy. “If there’s anything that we can do to prevent that we’d like to find a way of making sure that this never happens again,” he said.

Mrs Windiarti revealed she is currently pregnant and finds some comfort that she’s expecting another child. “I lost my son but I will get another one,” she said. “Hopefully it will help me to relieve this feeling.”

The tragic scene on Sir Donald Bradman Drive at Hilton.

Mrs Windiarti was discharged from the Royal Adelaide Hospital on Saturday night, while her daughter was released from the Women’s and Children’s Hospital on Sunday.

Ibrahim’s funeral was held at Al Khalil Mosque on Sunday in accordance with Islamic customs, which dictate that a person must be buried as soon as possible after death.

Mr Windiarti, who was not in the car, previously said he was grateful for the work of emergency services personnel who saved his wife and daughter.

`I can accept what already God decided … maybe this is better for me and my family,” he told Channel ten.

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