Landlords and agents share responsibility for ensuring gas and electricity supply and appliances are safe in rented premises. The Residential Tenancies Act 1997 requires a landlord to ensure that rented accommodation is maintained in “good repair”. This includes all gas and electrical appliances provided by the landlord, which must be safe to use and properly maintained.

Failure to properly install or correctly maintain gas and electric appliances, according to the manufacturer’s instructions could not only potentially kill or harm the tenants but could cause significant property damage and expose the landlord to civil liability and potentially costly litigation. There might also be unintended impacts on the landlord’s insurance if illness, injury or death is found to have been caused by poorly serviced or unsafe appliances.

The landlord and agent should ensure safety checks are done at rented premises at agreed intervals, which ESV recommends should be once every two years. Managing agents could have legal exposures if they do not proactively warn landlords of the possible consequences of inadequate maintenance.

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