Boat Safety

Don’t let your time on the water turn into a tragedy.

Avoiding the risks of carbon monoxide (CO) is easy if you know the danger and warning signs. Follow the preventative safety tips below:

  • Sources of CO can be inside and outside the vessel, such as engines, generators, cooking equipment and space or water heaters
  • Ensure all exhausts and internal hoses are continually maintained and checked
  • Ensure inboard engines exhaust outside the vessel
  • Ensure petrol driven generators are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, are not installed in a confined space and do not have the exhaust system modified in any way
  • Never use gas range or oven for heating
  • Follow all warnings and instructions for canvas enclosures to ensure areas are well ventilated.
  • Maintain fresh air circulation throughout the boat at all times to prevent a build-up of CO
  • Know where your engine and generator exhaust outlets are located and keep everyone away from these areas
  • Stay off the back deck and the swim platforms while the engines are running
  • Never allow passengers to sit, body surf, or hang on the back deck while the engines are running and the area has been properly ventilated (minimum 15 minutes)
  • Although CO can be present without the smell of exhaust fumes, if exhaust fumes are detected on the boat, take immediate action to ventilate these fumes
  • Treat symptoms of seasickness as possible CO poisoning
    • Get the person into fresh air immediately. Seek medical attention—unless you’re sure it’s not CO
  • Install and maintain marine grade approved CO alarm in the engine room of either a petrol or diesel motor and the main cabin
    • Every alarm requires immediate action
    • Replace CO alarms as recommended by the manufacturer
  • If CO is suspected, open all hatches, windows and ports to ventilate
  • Maintain your engine in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations. Engines that are not tuned properly produce more CO
  • Get an annual Vessel Safety Check of all your gas and fuel burning appliances
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