Using a licensed and qualified gasfitter for all installation, repairs or renovations involving gas work is imperative. Not all gas workers are qualified to work on all types of gas appliances. You can check by phoning the PIC on (03) 9889 221. It is illegal and dangerous for unqualified people to perform electrical or gas work around the home.

Have a professional do the following:

  • Pull apart and clean appliance.
  • Flue integrity check.
  • Ventilation size and clearance check.
  • Appliance assessed for any damage or remedial work.
  • Check furnace connections to the flue pipes and venting systems.
  • A gasfitter/plumber must use a CO analyser to detect the presence on carbon monoxide on completion of work.
  • If an appliance has been installed, the licensed gasfitter must give you a compliance certificate after completing the installation.

If your appliance is unsafe, your gasfitter or plumber will cut the gas supply to your appliance. This is a legal requirement of Australian standard (AS NZS 5601). The appliance must be repaired or replaced by a qualified gasfitter.