Your responsibilities as a tenant

When you rent accommodation, it’s important to ask your landlord/real estate agent a few questions to ensure the safety of all who will live there.

  • Ask your landlord/real estate agent when the gas appliances in your rental home were last serviced
  • If your appliances have not been serviced in the last two years, ask your landlord to have your gas appliances serviced as soon as possible
  • Ask your landlord to supply you with a carbon monoxide alarm
  • Use gas appliances correctly as per manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Allow access for the landlord’s contractor to carry out gas safety checks
  • Report any fault in a gas appliance to your landlord, and stop using it immediately
  • Do not illegally install, remove or tamper with any gas appliance

Concerned about carbon monoxide in your accommodation?

The Residential Tenancies Act 1997 requires a landlord to ensure that rented accommodation is maintained in “good repair”. This includes all gas and electrical appliances provided by the landlord, which must be safe to use and properly maintained.

If your appliance is in need of a service and your request to your landlord has been denied you can further action your request via your state’s consumer affairs.

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