Energy Poverty Project

Energy poverty is an increasing problem in Australia, impacting over 42,000 low-income households. Winter is a time that disadvantaged families experience the most hardship, with significant adverse impacts on not only household finances, but also on the health and wellbeing of individuals within households.

Many families go without appropriate heating, while others use outdoor gas or fuel-burning appliance or gas heaters that have not been regularly serviced to save money and to keep their families warm. Due to this, families are at risk from CO poisoning — which can cause illness, injury and death.

This year the foundation launched our ‘Energy Poverty’ project which is aimed at providing services such as blankets, CO alarms and educational resources to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and to ensure community members are aware of the risks when using gas and fuel burning appliances.

The foundation provided over 100 safety packs to Launch Housing, which included a queen sized plush blankets, CO alarm, educational brochure and a magnet. Launch Housing delivered these to their clients who fit the criteria specified by the foundation.

We also want to thank Launch Housing and Victorian Public Tenants Association and all of our supporters who donated to the foundation this year. Your money has gone directly back into the community and has assisted the foundation to deliver our project outcomes.