Close call for Hawthorn family as pool heater leaks carbon monoxide

A family is in hospital after an incorrectly-installed pool heater flue leaked carbon monoxide, leaving some of them unconscious.

The two adults, both in their 40s, and two children were found by emergency services at a Hawthorn home about 8am on Thursday.

The adults and a preschool-aged boy were drowsy and suffering loss of consciousness as they were taken to hospital.

A primary school-aged girl was taken to hospital in a stable condition, Victoria Ambulance confirmed.

Metropolitan Fire Brigade Commander Anthony McCoy said it was a “close call for the family”.

“It’s a timely reminder for all community members to ensure gas appliances are properly installed and maintained,” Cmdr McCoy said in a statement.

Firefighters used specialist air testing equipment and found traces of carbon monoxide.

Energy Safety director Paul Fearon said it appeared the family had suffered “immediate symptoms of CO poisoning” and symptoms included headaches, dizziness and nausea.

The Victorian Building Authority will investigate the incident