Carbon Monoxide leak in Sydney East home sees seven people rushed to hospital

Five children and two adults were suffering from nausea and dizziness following a carbon monoxide leak traced to the home’s pool heater.

According to The Guardian, emergency services were called to the home on Wentworth Road where Fire and Rescue NSW’s crew detected high levels of carbon monoxide (CO). All seven people found inside the home were conscious but it was unclear who made the emergency call.

Following The Guardian’s report, the CO leak was traced to the pool’s heating system which uses natural gas and is now being investigated for any fault or flue malfunction.

According to The Chase and Tyler Foundation website, “Carbon monoxide (CO) is produced by the incomplete burning of various fuels, including coal, wood, charcoal, oil, kerosene, propane, and natural gas.”

Fire and Rescue NSW, following their findings, cut off the heater before ventilating the home.

The FRNSW spokesman warned against the dangers of CO poisoning urging people to take extra precaution in using outdoor heaters saying “If you have a flue, make sure it’s properly installed and functioning, and have it regularly checked.”

According to The Chase and Tyler Foundation website, a flue integrity check is part of the process of conducting an open-flued gas heater service and it is imperative that only a licensed and qualified gasfitter works on this type of gas service.