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About Us

The Chase and Tyler Foundation (CTF) was established by Vanessa Robinson in 2011, after her sons, Chase 8 and Tyler 6, died from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning in May 2010. This was caused by a gas heater in their rental property, which spilled deadly carbon monoxide (CO) into the home due to a lack of servicing and maintenance.

The accident highlighted not only a lack of knowledge of gas and fuel burning appliance safety and CO poisoning by the Australian community, but also within the gasfitting industry trade along with emergency services such as ambulance, police, fire-fighters, emergency departments and GP’s.

CTF raises awareness on a national level of domestic gas and fuel burning appliance safety, CO poisoning prevention and community members at risk from energy poverty. We’ve been critical in raising the level of awareness Australia currently has on these issues. 

Our Vision

Zero deaths or injury from accidental CO poisoning in Australia.

Our Mission

To eliminate accidental CO poisoning throughout Australia and relieve suffering, sickness and/or disability in the community as a result of CO poisoning, focusing on at risk and/or disadvantaged members of the community.

Our Objectives

  • Assist people who have suffered sickness and/or disability from CO poisoning, or are at risk from CO poisoning associated with energy poverty, through the direct provision of CO alarms, gas safety servicing, energy subsidies, free clothing and blankets.
  • Provide education and awareness of suffering, sickness and/or disability as a result of CO poisoning prevention and gas and fuel burning appliance safety.
  • To initiate, carry out, co-ordinate and/or support on a national basis, activities and support direct relief from distress, illness, disability and suffering from accidental CO poisoning.
  • Provide direct financial support and relief in the form of medical costs associated with CO poisoning, emergency appliance servicing, emergency accommodation and resources to at risk and/or disadvantaged community members.
  • Provision of counselling services to people traumatised, directly or incidentally, due to accidental CO poisoning.

Our Values

  • Community – We empower communities with the resources and knowledge to address issues of concern and drive positive sustainable change.
  • Collaboration – We build strong and collaborative partnerships with all stakeholders with open communication, accountability and respect.
  • Knowledge – We seek out and share knowledge and experience with the goal of continuously learning to support our communities. 
  • Passion – We’re driven and passionate about our work in creating safer communities and making life saving impacts throughout Australia.

We would like to thank you in advance for supporting us in educating communities about this silent killer and honouring Chase and Tyler’s memory.

Miss Kiss
Griffiths Goodall
Energy Safe Victoria