The Chase & Tyler Foundation Publications

DL Flyer website picture

Chase and Tyler Foundation – CO Aware Flyer

Origin Flyer

Flyer- Origin Energy and The Chase and Tyler Foundation

Flu Symptoms or CO pic

Flyer- Flu or Carbon Monoxide?

See, Taste or Smell Poster








Poster- Don’t be alarmed, get armed!

Service your appliances

Servicing your appliance may save your life poster

Know the signs-Magnet

Fridge Magnet- Be prepared, Know the Signs

Service appliances-Magnet

Fridge Magnet- Service your appliance.

 Energy Safe Victoria Publications

Gas BBQ Safety Tips

Beware carbon monoxide- It’s a silent killer

Gas safety at home

Camping and leisure safety with LP Gas

Landlords, agents and tenants- Your responsibilities

Houseboats- Gas and electrical safety

Magnet- Beware carbon monoxide- It’s a silent killer

Download the various brochures, posters and fact sheets from the Chase and Tyler Foundation and Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) and find out more about how to keep safe when it comes to using fuel burning appliances.

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